Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What information I need before I try to buy wheelchair scooter batteries online ?

There are number of companies selling batteries online and also in store.  The prices of these batteries vary a lot depending.  Sometimes for the same product the prices can be very different depending upon the profit expectations, operational efficiency, cost structure etc.,

There are number of variations among the batteries.  Voltage, capacity, technology, terminals and dimension.

 By not paying attention to many of these facts might result in getting the wrong batteries, costing more money in shipping and more importantly time and inconvenience.

Before you try to find the right battery it is good to know what you have first.

Step 1:

      Find out the make and model of the wheelchair/scooter you have.  Sometimes the model number may be difficult to find.

Step 2.

    Find out the battery you currently have.  Make and model number of the batteries will be good.

Step 3.

   Find out the terminal type - This is one of the main reason that the replacement batteries are often returned back.  In general there are three different type of terminals.

FP/L1/L4 type - Flag Post terminals- the Flat terminals stick up with hole and with at nut and bolt.

RT type - Recessed Terminals - the terminals are flushed to the surface of the battery with a female inserted thread.

Z1 type - Round Terminals with a hole sticking up the battery. (Usually for batteries with capacities higher than 40Ah) with nut and bolt.

If you have all the above information then you may not need the dimension of the battery.  If you have a battery that is not popular then it is good to get the dimension also.

You can call one of the quality battery supplier to order your batteries.

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