Friday, April 5, 2013

Hydrogen evolution rate from lead acid battery

Do not charge any lead acid battery in air tight container.

All lead acid batteries release hydrogen during operation.  In flooded lead acid batteries the hydrogen evolution is normally much higher than that of (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) VRLA/ (Sealed Lead Acid) SLA cells of the same size.  Excess accumulation of hydrogen can lead to explosive conditions.

In VRLA/SLA batteries most percentage of hydrogen is generated are recombined to form water and hence only lower percentage is released.

Volume of hydrogen release may be approximated using the following formula for flooded lead acid batteries, after the fully charged condition.

Volume of hydrogen released (cubic feet/hour) = Vh = 0.015 x FC

Where FC is Float Current in Amps.

During charging majority of the current will go towards charging the battery.  Amount of current going towrds hydrogen generation will depend on many factors like, temperature, battery design, available current etc.,

For VRLA batteries under normal operating conditions at 77F depending upon the battery design 90 to 99% of the hydrogen is recombined.  Check with the manufacturer for recombination efficiency of a particular battery.

For calculating the amount of hydrogen released can be calculated by using the recombination efficiency.

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